Yoga – The Union of Body and Spirit

Yoga is a place of solace. Yoga is a journey of grace. Yoga is youth throughout your life.

I don’t know what I would do without yoga. I need to know my body can be kept flexible and young no matter what my age. Yoga is the key to that. When I am doing my own private yoga practice of just 20 mins 3 – 4 times a week, I feel Fantastic.


The word Yoga means union of body and spirit.
The purpose of Yoga is to prepare the body for meditation.

I started yoga, over 13 years ago now … but even as a kid I knew it was a great thing to do. One of my favorite aunties was a yoga teacher and she was just so cool and laid back, but lots of fun too. So from a young age I would hear her talk, and even gush about yoga.

My journey started in a class. A small class of maybe ten people. But after that very first class, I was completely addicted. I went 5 times a week. One of these classes, Wednesday I think, was on the beach. We would all swim in the sea afterwards. It was orgasmic, the salt water wrapping around me after I had stretched my body into sublime satisfaction.


Anyway, I went through a few teachers. Some more learned than others, until I met my last and very best yoga teacher. Ioana. Her teaching is much more profound. I feel yoga touches her very deeply, so she is able to give more understanding of the practice to her pupils.

Ioana leans more towards the Iyengar form of teaching. This style, developed by B.K.S. Iyengar, has an emphasis on the precision and alignment of each pose, while using the breath as a control. This is my desired yoga style. This is where I find my union, my solace, grace and youth.

I would whole heartedly recommend yoga to everyone. Only make sure you find a really good teacher. One who understands your body, and can gain your trust.

Pilates is a fine practice too. But yoga is more reflective. Yoga will introduce you to meditation in the best possible way. Even if you already meditate, yoga will take you further. To a peaceful place of self-discovery. A place where you will find a steady and sound piece of mind.

Take the journey. It’s a very personal one. There is no place for competition in a yoga class. Yoga is an individual voyage with personal harmony the destination. A harmony that grows with every practice.


So find yourself a class nearby. If you are anywhere near Marbella on the costa del sol in Spain. Then I recommend you contact Ioana, and get her in your employ, or in one of her classes. I guarantee you will not be disappointed. Rather you will wonder how you lived before yoga. How you went from day to day, before this wonderful practice of self knowledge.


Yoga will take you to a place of stress free living and self-understanding. No words needed. It’s a feeling place all of your own.

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