My Top 5 beauty products of all time

Over the years I have fallen in love with many beauty products. But as with everything, they evolve, new exciting brands come along, and sometimes you find yourself in longstanding beauty houses that you have never ventured into before. Now in my 40`s, my top 5 products have actually not changed much. Just the brands. As my income has increased, so therefor has the quality of products I use.

Have a look at these products. They are the very best I have found, and I have tried an awful lot over the years. Here are my Top 5:


This is the very best in hair masks. It completely eliminates my dry ends. I use it every time I wash my hair.

Sometimes I leave it in for a bit, wrap my hair and scalp up in cellophane. Then with a hairdryer I blow heat onto the cellophane until it penetrates through to my hair and scalp. I then wrap a towel over my head to retain the heat in. Maybe just 10 minutes, then rinse it all off. The results are fantastic. This is a product I would not give up easily!



Mascara is the one makeup product I would not do without. And DiorShow is one of the very best. Volumizing, and lengthening. And it is a good solid black colour that stays on, and in place, until you decide to get out the baby oil.

This is the best way to remove mascara, and not to cause damage to the delicate under eye area – Get a couple of cotton pads, dampen them with water, then squeeze on some baby oil, roughly in the shape of the eye. Now place them over your eyes, and gently press into the mascara, do this for maybe 30 seconds. What you are doing is dissolving the mascara. You will find most of it has come off onto the cotton pad, the rest will come off easily enough with your regular cleanser.



I was recently introduced to the house of Sisley. And I can tell you, I have not looked back. These are leading edge, and very natural products. I truly love them. The effects of this cream is astounding, and very quick acting. You have to keep them however, to keep the effect up. The ingredience are highly botanical.

Go to a Sisley counter and ask the girl to advise which product would best suit your skin, she will undoubtedly give you a lot of free samples for you to try. That’s one of the beauty’s of Sisley, they are very generous with their samples when you buy directly form them – Enjoy!



Me and my bath … I do love to bathe … And I love this bubble bath. The scent is delicate, soothing, and long lasting, you will find its subtle fragrance lingering outside the bathroom and down the hall. Telling everyone, “Quiet Please” – you are about to bathe! Lots of bubbles too.

The rose is very nice too. I used that one for years, but over the last few months I have switched to the lily of the valley. I think it was my grandmother who introduced me to this bubble bath. Her favourite was the Magnolia …



This has to be one of the most overlooked beauty aids ever! I was very sceptical when I started to research facial exercises. But every book on the subject has hundreds of raving reviews. And after doing them now for a month or so, the effects I see in myself are astounding. Eva has a book and a DVD. Do yourself a favour and get one, or both!

It takes a little concentration and effort to get started, as you are about to awaken muscles that have never been asked to do anything before. But once you get the hang of it, its just 10 mins a day and you are done! I do mine in the bath. It is a much more effective, and natural look than any surgery will give you. Your Welcome !


There you go. If you have any top products you want to share, let us know in the comments below …

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