My Top 10 Party Dress Choices from the High Street !


I need an extra special cocktail dress this year. There is a Double, highly extravagant birthday affair in Scotland coming up. The party isn’t until Feb so I have plenty time, but I do like to keep abreast of whats available. So I took a quick dash round the online market this morning to see what there is. Wanna have a look at what I found ? There are some very enticing options to choose from.

Here below are my Top 10 choices of high-street dresses – So Far …

Dorothy Perkins

Quiz Woven Mesh Maxi Dress

Now this is a cocktail dress and a half. The design is gorgeous, love the silver winter sequence over the bust, and the deep leanth … Mmmm an interesting option !


River Island

Metallic nude wrap dress

Showstopper ! This is a gorgeous possibility. Not my usual style but I love the metallic quality, and the wrap. Looks like a very modern Christmas Present just waiting to be opened – Delicious !


ChiChi London

Chi Chi Edie Dress

Very pretty, gold and black number. This would be a perfect fit for the ball. Not all together sure of the fabric though, so lets see what else there is.



Club L Velvet Maxi Dress with Mesh Inserts

Well lookie here ! Its Blue Velvet … Aahhhh … Bluer than velvet was the night. A very elegant and modern design. And slimming too with the mesh waist … Can’t wait to try this on !



Lace Fringe Dress

This has a definite 1920’s feel. A fun dark cocktail dress, sultry in its timeless flare. Not yet my favorite but  a lovely thought …


Marks & Spencer

Floral Print Lace Scuba Bodycon Dress

Not my favourite place to shop for party dresses, but I gave it the once over, and this little beauty showed up. A kinda vintage number with the classic red rose. There is a gypsy feel to this dress that I find attractive too. Maybe …




Principles Petite by Ben de Lisi Red sequin detail trapeze dress

Honestly, I was kinda disappointed in the choice on debanhams this year. The colour of this dress is what caught my attention. A Beautiful Devil Wine Red. And it just looks so very comfortable. This would move around you divinely too. A definite contender.




Patrizia Dini Chiffon Stripe Sleeve Blazer

Ok so this isn’t really a party dress, so much as it’s a trousers suit ! But I Love the Sleeves … and it’s nice to have a change, rather than just dress, dress, dress …. This can also be draped in pearls, or any other jewellery choice. An Interesting option I think.


AX Paris

Red Velvet Bodycon Dress With Wrap Front

The Red Dress … this one is not only scarlet in colour it is velvet in texture.  Diifficult to resist. But do I really want all that attention … Delightful number but possibly a tad too showy for my part in the party.



Dorri Lace Dress

This is actually the first dress I found, and it is my favorite. A delicate cocktail dress, that has a modest look, but short enough to contend with the rest. I love the colour too very, delicate, self-assured. Non-demonstrative. The winner at the moment … see it in the shop here


So come February which dress will it be ? Or will I find something even more delectable in an Edinburgh shopping spree … Watch this space !

In the mean time I wish you all Ever success with your Party Frocks – Get out there and Shake Your Thing !


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