Sexy strong and dependable denim

Who doesn’t own a pair of jeans ? There must be some people who don’t do denim. Prince for example. Did you know he did not allow his staff to wear denim ? Too pedestrian he said … Well sorry my dearest darling Prince but I have to say I Love Denim – But like any good girl however – I do love diamonds and pearls too …

Denim never seems to be out of fashion. First gaining popularity in the USA way back in 1873. The first jeans were introduced by a tailor as a pair of working trousers (or Pants to some) with the strength to protect labourers legs as they worked in mines, the logging industry and other hazardous areas. But within a very short period of time they became so popular, he was overwhelmed with orders. So he contacted Levi’s Strauss who took great interest – The rest, shall we say, is history …


And what a successful history Denim has had … Here are some of my favourite ways to wear denim.

I Love my Jeans :
Firstly Jeans are just so versatile. You can dress them up or down. Even ripped Jeans are a hit. They are a “go to” for hard work where you do need that leg protection. Or just to go shopping, down the pub, even out for a casual dinner. They tend to go with anything. Sex them up in heals, or down the farm in wellies. I would not be without a few pair of jeans in my wardrobe,

My Favourite : Stone washed bootleg, with heals & white shirt …

The denim skirt :
Now if I love my Jeans, I adore my denim skirts … Long or Short, They are just full of character.

My Favourite : Short, with fashion tights, sexy boots, and a blouse …

The Denim Dress :
I haven’t had many denim dresses (I have probably owned more dungarees) but the few I have had never let me down. Always got compliments, and never left me feeling out of place.

The one in my Wardrobe at present: Levi’s summer dress, knee length full skirt, with a ditsy print.

The denim jacket :
Funnily enough I never really got into the traditional denim jacket. You know the one with the 4 pockets on the front.

The one in my Wardrobe at present: 3 Button Blazer jacket

My Denim Jumpsuit:
A few years back I had a denim jumpsuit … it had a full front zip, and it looked like it had been painted on. Not the type of outfit you go to meet your boyfriends parents in. But I Loved it … it is to date the only jumpsuit I have owned. And I have to say it started a good few parties in its time …


In closing I don’t know whether it has something to do with the colour blue. (I know Jeans come in every colour) but I do love blue and white. These colours feel fresh and pure … And as much as I love dressing up for an occasion. I think I am more comfortable dressed down in my ever dependable sexy old jeans … Whats your Denim style … ?

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