Review of Men`s Spring Summer Fashion for 2017

Evening wear was a very important aspect of the Men’s Fashion Weeks in London, New York, Paris and Milan in January 2017. Each of these recent events had something new and elegant to offer, with top designer such as Moschino showcasing their F/W collections for 2018. It is interesting that street style had a very strong presence at two of the events, whilst classic, almost romanticised men’s fashions were also in evidence here.

Relaxed street style meets chic evening wear in Paris

Masion Margiela above

In Paris fashion week, the atmosphere was somewhat more relaxed than usual, with designers focusing mainly on street style. For instance, one landmark piece at this installment of Men’s Fashion Week was a sweatsuit crafted from camel coloured velour. Where suits appeared, there was a heavy emphasis on monochrome fabrics and simple, elegant cuts – with the occasion splash of maroon from Jesse Williams. The presence of Karl Lagerfeld at the event certainly added a classic and timeless touch to the catwalks Paris Men’s Fashion week. Lagerfeld was dressed in his trademark combination of a handsome black suit and leather gloves.

Deep colours and dramatic length dominated the catwalks at Milan

Armani above

At Milan, designers such as Zegna and Armani led the way with evening wear that featured long, straight cut jackets and fabric in deep colours. Wine coloured evening coats and clean white blazers with subtly striking wide lapels rubbed shoulders with soft knitted sweaters and furry hide belts at Milan this year. F/W 2018 for Italian designers thus looks to be a sleek and surprisingly harmonious blend of preppy style and libertine glamour. The effect of the shows in Milan overall was of a somewhat romantic glimpse at men’s fashion, thanks to the emphasis on looks that were stark, streamlined and also very bold thanks to their vivid hues. This was perhaps the event with most verve, out of all four discussed here.

New York: following on the themes of Paris

Derrius Pierre above

New York Men’s Fashion Week this year also had a strong element of cool street style. Here, however, rather than sweat suits and casual tops, designers opted to create outfits that featured bomber style jackets, laid back Adidas trainers and hoodies. This was reflected in the attire of audience members, who opted for hooded jackets worn beneath dark coloured synthetic coats and even (in some cases) half face masks made from rolled up turtle style neck lines.

It was back to the classics for London Men’s Fashion Week

Margaret Howell above

This year, the men’s designers in London seemed intent on evoking the halcyon days of derbies, Oxford blazers and boat race style fashion. Accordingly, Men’s Fashion Week in January 2017 featured plenty of bright white and pastel shirts, blue blazers, chino style trousers and classic shades. Evening wear was a huge feature of this event, with muted grey three piece suits – impeccably tailored – being lent a dramatic edge with deep maroon ties and sweeping black overcoats.

Featured top image is Jon Varvatos

Bonus video of Dolce & Gabbana’s Jazzy collection – Enjoy …

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