And the Queen of Hand Made Soaps is – Anja Canaux !

You know by now that I love nothing more than finding new, high quality, hand made soaps. Well I hit the jackpot last week in France … An amazing lady with an authentic, ethical, and highly ecological savonnerie – (that’s a soap making factory) a lady named – Anja Canaux.

Now I am writing this blog, not only because it was such a lovely experience to meet Anja, and see a small part of her amazing factory. But, because we have been using her soaps now for over a week, and even my man is raving about them !

So let me start at the beginning (always a very good place to start … )

We were traveling around the south of France, visiting what are reputably – The prettiest of all the French villages – when we ended up in the main square of the village – Bastide de Monflanquin – a village that may well be the prettiest of them all. (if you are anywhere near Agen in southern France you MUST see these villages.)

Anyway, after walking around in the midday sun, oooing and aaaing at the magnificence of the ancient architecture, and flowers all in a flow – I saw a sign! A sign, that although in French, which is not a language I am yet proficient in, it was a sign that I instinctively knew was that of a soap factory. And not any soap factory – A French one. And it was very close …. My heart quickened …

The door to the shop was in fact right behind us … I squeaked in delight at the beauty of this shops antique façade, as my ever patient man let out an almost inaudible sigh, and followed me into this wonderland.

Now this shop is in a building that is tucked inside the deeply covered arcades that arch around of the main square. Where each, and every Thursday since the 1200`s a market has unfolded!  impressionnant – don’t you think ?

I found myself in heaven. The lady, Anja, so very well educated on every detail of refined soap making, and the industry at large. And so generous with her knowledge. An absolute joy to behold. We were shown a little of her factory, and some of the soap making process. I just soaked in the information like a sponge …

We then discussed our individual skin types, and requirements. And with the ease, and skill of a botanical wizard, Anja talked us through the soaps that would suit our specific needs.

As hard as it was for me to tear myself away from this experience. I am indeed back home. I have been using one of these soaps on my face, no less, for a week now – and I LOVE it – a remarkable soap called – Savon Bellis … now I am fussy about beauty products, and I mean fussy. I have combination, semi sensitive skin, and I can pick up the scent of a paraben a mile off! This soap is just simply the very best I have ever found. The Savon Bellis is so good it has become my daily cleanser.

I am looking forward to creating a standing order, as these soaps have become very much part of both my own, and my good mans daily beauty routines.

Anja Canaux, thank you so very much for your time, expertise, and of course your sensational soaps.…

All photos above appertaining to Anja, her soaps, and her factory belong to Anja …

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