Make Fashion work for you

To me what I wear must be comfortable, occasion appropriate, and most importantly – Reflective of my mood !

I Love my Dock Martin boots as much as I love my blue suede Italian heeled sandals. I love fashion. I am a designer myself. A web development graphic designer, but a designer none the less !

I love clothes that accentuate, complement my shape, and my mood. And as I grow older, I love seeing woman my age dress exactly as they please – Fashion is not just for the young ! And I don’t believe every fashion trend it’s for every body shape !

I see fashion as a personal thing. A statement of who we are. I think there is a lot that is silently conveyed in what we choose to ware. How we choose to present ourselves to the world. Bold brash colour, quiet soothing pastels, or sultry smoldering and dark. It all changes day by day with our moods. Our personalities however decide the styles we choose from.

It’s a very influential world, the fashion industry. But I think it’s important that you take from it what feels right to you. Don’t go out and buy something because it looks like the dress Kate Middleton wore ! That’s not who you are – Believe me ! Find your style, feel what it is you want to ware. It might be you are just attracted to the colour of that dress, or the cut. But find You in your style. Don’t copy. Look at these great beauties of fashion and take inspiration from them – Not an entire look !


Lily Rose Depp for example, what a lovely example of unique style. She is a beauty in her own right with a lovely chic elegance, which is all her own. She carries the cloths, The clothes don’t carry her.

I think that is the part that is most overlooked in personal style. Confidence. Air, you have to wear the cloths. You are what should take centre stage not the cloths. It’s all about your sense of self. A good example would be that there is no point it waring a beautiful pair of heals if you are going to wobble about in them ! You must make them work for you ! So ware cloths you are comfortable in. Clothes that reflect your personality. Take fashion and make it yours. Your style counts. It matters not a toss what anyone else thinks – Its Your style. Do you think any of these fashion designers care what anyone thinks ! Not really ! They just get on an inspires path and design their hearts out. They pour their soul into their deigns, regardless. That’s what makes them stand out, what makes them industry leaders. Their confidence in their product !

So have fun with your fashion sense. Take fashion and make it all your own. No one else will do it for you. We are all very different, and one of the easiest ways to show this is in what we ware. From hunters to Jimmy choos – It’s all entirely up to you.

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