The All Important Little Black Dress

Why does every one say that we should all have at least 1 little black dress in our wardrobe?

Well, black is a colour that we can wear to pretty much anything, yes including a wedding ! And a dress is well. Its dressy. So in an emergency we have on hand an outfit that will suit almost any occasion.

Black is also a very flattering colour. If you are trying to hide some extra weight, black will help you do that. It creates the illusion that something is smaller than it actually is. This is due to the fact it absorbs light, it does not reflect it.

It is also an easy colour to hide it – should you feel the need to disappear out of a room, its easier done in black …

The little black dress comes in many styles, and you can dress it up with any colour combinations. Red, pink, blue even tartan. Black is one of the most versatile colours to work with.


I have a few Little Black Dresses.

One of them actually says “Little Black Dress” across the front. It’s much more casual than the others. I also have a Baby Doll styled one, which I daren’t bend in ! But the one I like the most is a pure black cotton, with almost oil like sheen on it. It is gathered in under the bust with 3 black roses. Knee length. This dress has traveled many a mile with me. And graciously accepted a good few compliments along the way.

Anyway, I digress. The Little Black Dress is a go to for many an emergency occasion. And it works very well for just “a good night out and a carry on” (as my step father says !) The Little Black Dress is almost always appropriate.

Historically the LBD came about in the 1920’s.

When Coco Chanel deemed it a necessity for every womans wardrobe. For the reasons discussed, in that it can be dressed up or down with pumps, scarfs, jackets or jewelry to fit any occasion.

Can’t you just imagine every designer then jumping on the band wagon and filling clothe racks with all sorts of dresses – All black. It must have been quite a revelation … Accessories galore !

We can’t end this story without mentioning some of the most Famous LBD’s.

The most elegant is remembered from 1961 on our ever-darling Audrey. Givenchy, being a very close friend of hers delighted in creating the dress that adorns Miss Hepburn in the opening scene of Breakfast at Tiffany’s.


One of the most alluring is from the earlier 1950 – The Asphalt Jungle. Yes, that’s young Marilyn in the photo below.


One of the most daring LBD’s – Although this one is really more of a trousers and top ensemble. Worn by Ms Streisand when she collected her Oscar for Funny Girl in 1969. (now please pronounce the name correctly, it has a soft “s” as in Sand) Dress designed by Arnold Scaasi.


Here is a photo of Coco Chanel herself, working on one of her designs.


As I was researching this I had to draw the line at how many famous LBD’s I would include. There is not one movie star throughout history that has not made an entrance in a Fabulous Little Black Dress. I could have gone through them all.

The featured image at the top is from here.

Do you have a little Black Dress in your wardrobe ? Or Is there one you long for … Let us know below.

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