Get in Style with Kate and Meghan – Todays Fashion Princesses

Interesting times in the fast changing world of street fashion. All eyes now follow the new royal to be – Miss Meghan Markel.

And what a beauty she is. A delightful dossier of educated culture. Miss Markel brings her very own deliciously divine “je ne sai qua” to the royal wardrobe. Since last summer Meghan has commanded fashion without batting an eyelid. She takes a stroll down the street to a yoga class and the world instantly sells out of navy blue beanie’s, and seal grey yoga mats !


Her very own line of fashion launched last year by the Canadian chain Reitmans sold out ridiculously fast.


The Magic of Meghan is the exact same phenomenon as “The Kate Effect”.


Everyone wants to be wearing something that at very least, resembles an item worn by a Princess. And it doesn’t stop there, the two tiny royals sell out look alike clothes across the globe too. Granted Meghan has no title as of yet, but by all accounts it wont be too long before a tiara crowns her long brunette locks.

And, I have to tell you I like her style. There is a sultry mysterious glow to Meghan. A hidden depth that is all her own.


Kate’s pure English Rose is eloquent and polished. Meghan’s poise has an enigmatic depth. So together they cover quite a market really. You can see then becoming fast friends. I would personally like them to start up their own fashion line. Kate & Meghan. What a royal command they would have. I can hear the lines selling straight off the sewing machines ! I don’t think they would be able to keep up with demand. The mix of the Quintessential English Rose with a richness of cultural mix. Sounds like a fashion hit to me !


And isn’t the whole world Happy for Harry. The young gentleman who has pledged his live to service. And whom the world most unfortunately demand as their own. I really wish the nosey parkers could tell when to back off and leave them alone to live their private lives in Private ! Personally I have no interest in the colour of his or her underwear. That is a step too far into the lives of anyone not slinking down a catwalk for Victoria’s Secret. I would love to see the World give them the privacy they deserve. Dont our Princes do enough for us and our planet ?


So lets see what the future brings for Miss Markel, and her Prince. And if they do wed, what a gown I foresee. I put my money on:

Modern, minimalist, and off white !

What a world to live in. One that hangs on your every word and copies your every stich. But they are hardy, Kate and Meghan. And they have the crown behind them.

Sorry but I have to go back to the Fashion line – Kate & Meghan – What a wild thought, I bet they would keep the fashion world on their toes. A style line by royal appointment for the masses …. What a wonderful world that would be ….



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