Have you discovered the Sublime world of Hand Made Soaps?

Have you ever been into one of these soap boutiques? The ones with the walls covered from top to toe in long bars of beautifully scented soaps … They are just divine … just thinking about them makes me want to run a bath …

So as you can probably tell – I love handmade soap.

My preference is glycerin soap, and made with natural ingredients.

Glycerin soap is incredibly gentle. It can be used on sensitive skin and even eczema. Glycerin is also considered the most hydrating of any soap. (An explanation of exactly what glycerin is can be read here.)

I always thought soap was dangerous, and timely to make. But while doing research for this article, I discovered that making soap form glycerin is actually quite simple. Unlike making it the traditional way from “Lye”- A caustic substance which is highly dangerous.

So, I may well be making my own glycerin soap in the future. Watch this space !

The only downside to glycerin soaps is that they tend to melt, or dissolve quicker. I find if I keep it in a well-draining soap dish it lasts better. If you leave if in a puddle on the side on the bath … well you will lose a good bit of the bar.

Glycerin soaps come in a never-ending variety, and combination of scents. From Eucalyptus to Mango! Rose to aloe. There is a blend for everyone. And when you get to the aromatherapy ranges you will find the scents are even more stimulating, and often therapeutic.


My favourite soaps :

Chocolate –
I first bought this soap for a bit of a fun really. I never imagined that the properties in cocoa are so good for the skin. And the scent … it is delicious and so soothing in the bath, or shower. This is my “go to” soap – when I can get it !

Chocolate and Mint –
With this combination you get the soothing qualities of the chocolate scent along with the invigorating properties of mint. Just be careful with the more “sensitive” body parts. Mint can also tingle a little ! (I once put too much mint in my man’s bath. He got out toot sweet holding his sensitive areas while exclaiming rather loudly that they were freezing off !!! I am very cautious with mint now in the bathroom …)

Rose or Rose hip –
Another of my “go to” fragrances. I adore rose, so in the bath or shower this scent to me is almost transcendent.

Orchid and Jasmin –
The light floral fragrance of this combination is heavenly. Just divine in its ability to uplift and revitalize me, almost from the inside out.

So the next time you pass one of these soap boutiques. Venture in, you can wander around taking in the scents of each bar until you find the one that attracts you the most. But careful, once you try these soaps you will never go back …

The featured image at the top of this post is from these lovely people.

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