My Top 5 beauty products of all time

Over the years I have fallen in love with many beauty products. But as with everything, they evolve, new exciting brands come along, and sometimes you find yourself in longstanding beauty houses that you have never ventured into before. Now in my 40`s, my top 5 products have actually not changed much. Just the brands. As my income has increased, so therefor has the quality of products I use.

Have a look at these products. They are the very best I have found, and I have tried an awful lot over the years. Here are my Top 5:

Get in Style with Kate and Meghan – Todays Fashion Princesses

Interesting times in the fast changing world of street fashion. All eyes now follow the new royal to be – Miss Meghan Markel.

And what a beauty she is. A delightful dossier of educated culture. Miss Markel brings her very own deliciously divine “je ne sai qua” to the royal wardrobe. Since last summer Meghan has commanded fashion without batting an eyelid. She takes a stroll down the street to a yoga class and the world instantly sells out of navy blue beanie’s, and seal grey yoga mats !

Yoga – The Union of Body and Spirit

Yoga is a place of solace. Yoga is a journey of grace. Yoga is youth throughout your life.

I don’t know what I would do without yoga. I need to know my body can be kept flexible and young no matter what my age. Yoga is the key to that. When I am doing my own private yoga practice of just 20 mins 3 – 4 times a week, I feel Fantastic.

My Top 10 Party Dress Choices from the High Street !


I need an extra special cocktail dress this year. There is a Double, highly extravagant birthday affair in Scotland coming up. The party isn’t until Feb so I have plenty time, but I do like to keep abreast of whats available. So I took a quick dash round the online market this morning to see what there is. Wanna have a look at what I found ? There are some very enticing options to choose from.

Here below are my Top 10 choices of high-street dresses – So Far …

10 Style Essentials for any girl’s wardrobe

This is a list of items I like to have on hand, some I couldn’t be without, and wear regularly, some are just there for that special occasion so I am always wardrobe ready! Everything from essential dresses, to sensual boudoir secrets. Find out if you are missing anything on my list !

The All Important Little Black Dress

Why does every one say that we should all have at least 1 little black dress in our wardrobe?

Well, black is a colour that we can wear to pretty much anything, yes including a wedding ! And a dress is well. Its dressy. So in an emergency we have on hand an outfit that will suit almost any occasion.

Black is also a very flattering colour. If you are trying to hide some extra weight, black will help you do that. It creates the illusion that something is smaller than it actually is. This is due to the fact it absorbs light, it does not reflect it.

It is also an easy colour to hide it – should you feel the need to disappear out of a room, its easier done in black …

Sexy strong and dependable denim

Who doesn’t own a pair of jeans ? There must be some people who don’t do denim. Prince for example. Did you know he did not allow his staff to wear denim ? Too pedestrian he said … Well sorry my dearest darling Prince but I have to say I Love Denim – But like any good girl however – I do love diamonds and pearls too …

Denim never seems to be out of fashion. First gaining popularity in the USA way back in 1873. The first jeans were introduced by a tailor as a pair of working trousers (or Pants to some) with the strength to protect labourers legs as they worked in mines, the logging industry and other hazardous areas. But within a very short period of time they became so popular, he was overwhelmed with orders. So he contacted Levi’s Strauss who took great interest – The rest, shall we say, is history …

Make Fashion work for you

To me what I wear must be comfortable, occasion appropriate, and most importantly – Reflective of my mood !

I Love my Dock Martin boots as much as I love my blue suede Italian heeled sandals. I love fashion. I am a designer myself. A web development graphic designer, but a designer none the less !

I love clothes that accentuate, complement my shape, and my mood. And as I grow older, I love seeing woman my age dress exactly as they please – Fashion is not just for the young ! And I don’t believe every fashion trend it’s for every body shape !