Elie Saab is not just for Meryl Streep or Halle Berry!

Introduction to the Fabulous Elie Saab

Most eight-year old boys are more interested in the typical male-driven entertainment, and perhaps following after their fathers. This however, was not the case of Elie Saab, a young boy born in Beirut and, self-taught when it came to sewing, patterns, and how to design absolutely divine fashion. By using his sister to model his designs Saab soon became enamoured with the fashion industry, and was convinced at a young age that this was what gave his life purpose. After that there was no stopping his rise to fame. He studied fashion in Paris, and by the age of 18 had returned to Beirut to begin his own fashion label with no less than fifteen employees.

Review of Men`s Spring Summer Fashion for 2017

Evening wear was a very important aspect of the Men’s Fashion Weeks in London, New York, Paris and Milan in January 2017. Each of these recent events had something new and elegant to offer, with top designer such as Moschino showcasing their F/W collections for 2018. It is interesting that street style had a very strong presence at two of the events, whilst classic, almost romanticised men’s fashions were also in evidence here.

The All Important Little Black Dress

Why does every one say that we should all have at least 1 little black dress in our wardrobe?

Well, black is a colour that we can wear to pretty much anything, yes including a wedding ! And a dress is well. Its dressy. So in an emergency we have on hand an outfit that will suit almost any occasion.

Black is also a very flattering colour. If you are trying to hide some extra weight, black will help you do that. It creates the illusion that something is smaller than it actually is. This is due to the fact it absorbs light, it does not reflect it.

It is also an easy colour to hide it – should you feel the need to disappear out of a room, its easier done in black …