And the Queen of Hand Made Soaps is – Anja Canaux !

You know by now that I love nothing more than finding new, high quality, hand made soaps. Well I hit the jackpot last week in France … An amazing lady with an authentic, ethical, and highly ecological savonnerie – (that’s a soap making factory) a lady named – Anja Canaux.

Now I am writing this blog, not only because it was such a lovely experience to meet Anja, and see a small part of her amazing factory. But, because we have been using her soaps now for over a week, and even my man is raving about them !

So let me start at the beginning (always a very good place to start … )

The Beautifying Secrets, and Health Benefits, of Bathing

I have written so much about bathing in my past posts that I though it was about time I dedicated a whole post to the subject. After all it is one of my favourite things ! There is nothing that ends the day on a higher note than a long soak in a beautiful bath tub. Some of the reasons I prefer to bathe over showering are :

My Top 5 beauty products of all time

Over the years I have fallen in love with many beauty products. But as with everything, they evolve, new exciting brands come along, and sometimes you find yourself in longstanding beauty houses that you have never ventured into before. Now in my 40`s, my top 5 products have actually not changed much. Just the brands. As my income has increased, so therefor has the quality of products I use.

Have a look at these products. They are the very best I have found, and I have tried an awful lot over the years. Here are my Top 5:

Got Kefir ? You’ll want some after reading this !

I am sure you have all heard of Actimel. But have you heard of its much healthier and taster origins ? Namely – Kefir grains.

I actually had kefir grains in my kitchen before Actimel was readily available ! A friend of mine, knowing that I love yoghurt, asked if I wanted some, not actually knowing what I was getting, but trusting my friend – I said yes …. The rest as they say is history.

Kefir grains are a probiotic culture. A healthy fermenting bacteria that look a bit like overcooked cauliflower! But if you leave them in milk for 24 hours, they will turn that milk into a sublime, nutrient rich yoghurt drink which is called Kefir.

Yoga – The Union of Body and Spirit

Yoga is a place of solace. Yoga is a journey of grace. Yoga is youth throughout your life.

I don’t know what I would do without yoga. I need to know my body can be kept flexible and young no matter what my age. Yoga is the key to that. When I am doing my own private yoga practice of just 20 mins 3 – 4 times a week, I feel Fantastic.

Have you discovered the Sublime world of Hand Made Soaps?

Have you ever been into one of these soap boutiques? The ones with the walls covered from top to toe in long bars of beautifully scented soaps … They are just divine … just thinking about them makes me want to run a bath …

So as you can probably tell – I love handmade soap.

My preference is glycerin soap, and made with natural ingredients.

Glycerin soap is incredibly gentle. It can be used on sensitive skin and even eczema. Glycerin is also considered the most hydrating of any soap. (An explanation of exactly what glycerin is can be read here.)

I always thought soap was dangerous, and timely to make. But while doing research for this article, I discovered that making soap form glycerin is actually quite simple. Unlike making it the traditional way from “Lye”- A caustic substance which is highly dangerous.

Anti-Aging tips No one told Me !

We are all prone to it. We all move through time. Some cultures seem to have more resilience to the effects than others … But non the less, we all do age ….. And it can be more than frustrating. I have heard it said that “Youth is wasted on the young” … Can you imagine if us females became younger in appearance though the passing of time, as we gained life experience and inner strength – What a different world this would be !!!!

Anyway I promised you anti-aging tips you may not have heard of, so here they are :