The Beautifying Secrets, and Health Benefits, of Bathing

I have written so much about bathing in my past posts that I though it was about time I dedicated a whole post to the subject. After all it is one of my favourite things ! There is nothing that ends the day on a higher note than a long soak in a beautiful bath tub. Some of the reasons I prefer to bathe over showering are :

  • I get a better finish on my legs when I shave them in the bath, no rasor rash what so ever!
  • Its where I take 10 minutes to do my facial exercises.
  • I can chat to my fiancé about our day and have him scrub my back … !
  • I can lie back and just relax.
  • The actual soaking in water hydrates, and therefore softens my skin amorously.


Now I can appreciate that not everyone has the time to dedicate to bathing every day. Sometimes a quick shower is all you get. But surely you can find 20 mins to yourself maybe 2 or 3 times a week? Its so worth it. Even just for the relaxation factor. You can make this your time. Lock the door. Shut everything, and everyone else out if you need to. And allow yourself the time to soak in a sensuous, and beautifying bathtub. I did a little research into why everyone else thinks bathing is good for you. Here is what I found – I honestly didn’t realise how good the humble bath actually is for your health :

  • Lying horizontally in water is deeply relaxing.
  • It lifts and Enhances and you mood.
  • Soaking in water helps relieve skin conditions.
  • The heat of the water helps sooth muscle, and joint pain.
  • Improves blood circulation.
  • Promotes a deep nights sleep.


If you research it yourself you will find there is in fact, a rather long list of health benefit attributed to bathing. Suffice to say for now, that bathing really is very good for you in more ways than six!

So lets get down to the finer points of running that perfect bath : 

Water Temperature – Hot or Warm ?

I have to have my baths warm, not hot. If you have low blood pressure, like me, you will find a very hot bath can make you feel dizzy, or light headed. So I always run my bath lovely and warm. Not so hot that I have to lower myself into it in stages, and then when I emerge my skin is all red!!! I make sure my bath is an inviting temperature that I can just slip right into.

Some baths do come with a temperature gauge, or thermostat that you can set, and be assure you are always running your bath at the perfect temperature. There are even “Smart Tubs” that will keep you soaking away for a long as you like at your chosen temperature !

Bubbles, Salts, or Oil oh my ! ?

Bubbles are better for an every day cleansing. Bubbles are fun too, and you can use them as coverage if necessary! Creating enough of them will make you feel like you are lying under a feather duvet …. And, if you have a cat, get a handful of bubbles and blow them over his, or her head – Its funny watching them catch and “pin to kill” something that disintegrate right under their paws – Where did it go ?

Oil is more a moisturising endeavour. And to do it right you should really shower and scrub your skin first… But that’s not altogether necessary. To be honest I don’t use bath oil that very much. The only real bath oil I have is Estee Lauder’s debut beauty product – Youth Dew Bath Oil – Which I do love, but only use occasionally.

Salts can be very beneficial for arthritis, aching muscles and joint pain. Or just highly enjoyable as the effervescent bath bombs disintegrate under your person. These come in many varieties, but I confess not to having as much experience with these as the bubbles or oils. Ask an assistant in the store before you buy.

My only warning here is with Jacuzzi baths : The jets can soon have Bubbles overflowing, and some oils can corrode the mechanisms.


This is a very personal thing. I love floral scents, my favourite bubble bath is Marks and Spencer’s Lily of the Valley. But I recently found the house of REN. And they do a very stimulating neroli and grapefruit body wash. Fabulous for a morning bath ! But there is a myriad of bubble baths available from the super market. Coconut and almond scents are lovely too …

Essential Oils are a wonderful addition for an aromatherapy bath. Just be very careful how much you use. I sometimes add maybe 2 drops of lavender, and 3 drops of rose. I would however recommend you read up on which oils to use in a bath. Again here some oils can be destructive to a Jacuzzi bath.


This is a place to indulge your classical self. I have a playlist I use for bathing, it has pieces like Bach`s violin concerto 1 in g minor, which I Love. Anything, however you find relaxing. Music that makes you float away …


Now you can get really carries away here. I often use tea lights, just because they are safer and the little holders come in so many varieties. Turn the lights off, or down, and light a good few candles around the bathroom … Now you are in a spa …

So there you go, my humble and brief introduction to the world of bathing. Let us know your thoughts on the subject below … its never too early to start appreciating a good bath !

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