12 Unique and thoughtful Christmas Gift Ideas for the Style Beauty in your life

Finding it hard thinking up what to get your loved ones for Christmas ? Here is a list of beauty products and fashion choices that will win you great kudos in the gift giving department this year. Most of the links below will open on Amazon … My favorite shop !

1 – Fashion tights

Many ladies think they can’t wear fashion tights and look good – but trust me they can. This is a good choice for the ladies that may need coaxing out of their shell a little … these are not just for the skinny legged lot amongst us I promise ! Get them here


2 – Fox Face Purse

I think these are gorgeous. A real statement purse. A Purse with a personality! Just make sure you pronounce the “Fox Face” bit correctly !!! Get it here 


3 – A soft warm hat and scarf set

I know it might sound boring, but if you get a really soft one with a cool design then you are on a winner. Here are a couple of choices on amazon : Get it here

And for the younger style guru :

Get this one here !!!


4 – Orchid Terrarium

This is an unusual and special gift. An exotic orchid in a small corked jar. This particular plant has won awards – Clever little thing ! And needs no maintenance for up to a year: no water or food ! Get it here


5 – Faux Fur Blanket

This is a beautiful gift. The soft feel of the “fur” on your skin is just delicious … A lovely idea for those who like to cuddle up ! If you don’t know what colour to get – Go for the Ivory, its classic. Get it here 


6 – Naughty Christmas panties

This needs no explanation. A personal gift to surprise your special someone with ! Get yours here …


7 – Kerastase Hair Product

Kerastase hair products have a range called “Elixir Ultime” which are some of the very best Hair Products on the planet. Here is a link to the Shampoo & Hair mask gift set. Perfect for those with beautiful long locks … Get it here


8 – Handmade soap

Always a winner. A great gift, as its not something that we would buy for ourselves usually. The scent is truly heaven. read more about that here, 


9 – Non Slip Lipstick !

A red lipstick never goes out of fashion. And I found one made by L’Oreal that actually does stay on for hours … It doesn’t even kiss off ! I promise I have tried !!! This is a brilliant gift. Get it here


10 – Red Wellington Boots !

I am Scottish – I always have a pair of wellies … and these look just the ticket. If there is a dog walker in the family, then a pair of these waterproof boots would be a fantastic gift. Never out of fashion! Not is Scotland anyway! Get them in a variety of colours – Here


11 – A Daisy Toe Ring

This is just too cute not to include here. Pretty and dainty. Get it here


12 – Foster an Orphaned Elephant for them

This is the best idea of the lot. Foster a baby elephant in their name from the David Sheldrick Foundation. Click here to visit these beautiful baby orphans …

Merry Christmas Everybody ….

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