10 Style Essentials for any girl’s wardrobe

This is a list of items I like to have on hand, some I couldn’t be without, and wear regularly, some are just there for that special occasion so I am always wardrobe ready! Everything from essential dresses, to sensual boudoir secrets. Find out if you are missing anything on my list !

Lets get to it :

1 – The Little Black Dress

I wrote a whole article on this. Even going into the origin of the trend – which was : Ms Chanel in the 1920’s deemed the little black dress a fashion essential for every woman as it is so very versatile. I agree whole heartedly. Black is dramatic, daring, but it can also be modest too. Black is sliming and, you can dress it up or down with any of your favorite colour combinations … I have several little black dresses, some of which are modest – Some not at all ….

2 – Jeans

Denim … how many pair of jeans do you have? I could not be without my jeans. Again, I wrote a whole post on this. They are just easy wear and essential for an emergence shop or pub stop (!) They go with Anything. And look great. I love the colour of stone washed. What I miss though is denim artisan. You know outside of Levis or Diesel etc, there used to be a lot of designers who created fabulous denim clothes. Waistcoats, dresses … I will have to research this !!!

3 – A Silky Blouse

This is a must in case you need to dress up in a rush. The silky blouse is a very feminine look that goes over very well for most occasions, for the office to a party. And, as we know a well-designed blouse will go over a skirt or trousers beautiful. Keep a neutral coloured blouse that way you can match it with pretty much anything. Jeans, a dress suit or even leather ….

4 – The Leather Jacket

I Love my leather jacket … I never got into the bicker look though. But I do Love Leather. Whatever style you go for, a leather jacket is just a very easy “go to. Its incredibly hard waring, and often the older it gets the better it looks. And so versatile. A great essential for your wardrobe.

5 – Black Leggins

Now this is a must. You just don’t know when you are going to need them, and they have an amazing ability to create an outfit out of something you would never have through of wearing. A Long shirt, t-shirt or jumper, that’s just that wee bit to short to wear as a dress, suddenly turns into a stylish outfit with leggings. And you cant ignore the comfort factor …

6 – Diamonds and Pearls

You have to have the Prince track in your head as you read this … I think diamonds and pearls are an essential part of my wardrobe. Pearls are a classic sign of elegance … even if you just wear a pin, a pearl elevates the look with a dignified nod. Diamonds are extravagant, and gush glamour … I wear mine together … I find diamonds and pearls sexy and decorous at the same time. A lovely naughty and nice kind of twist …

7 – Open toed heals

For those of us who like to show off our beautiful painted toes … A pair of open toed heals in the wardrobe is a must. Feminine, sexy and just a lovely finish to an outfit. And again, very versatile. Wear them with jeans, a dress, or skirt.

8 – A Stylish Little Purse.

I don’t have a lot of purses. Just two or three. But I find having at least one really good statement purse is a great addition to finish a look. Getting the right size is key. Quite often that depends on the size of your mobile device! My statement purse is a lovely little black suede Lulu Guinness number. It’s the one I take out when I am in the mood to stand out and make that statement!

9 – A Dress T-Shirt with a wide neck

This is just a practical thing. When I am doing hair and makeup I like something I can pull on and off easily. Something I don’t mind getting makeup on, and with a wide enough neck that I can get it over my head without messing up my hair!

10 – A Feather Boa …

This is a very private garment, residing in the sensual area of the wardrobe. It’s just for you and whoever you are shaking it for. But, if you can’t see yourself in nothing but a boa … well … I don’t know what to tell you. This is a must for any ladies’ boudoir. The texture of feathers on your skin is a definite mood enhancer … Your welcome!

What’s in your wardrobe that you cant live without?



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